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Creating The Perfect Keepsake


Creating the perfect keepsake begins with deciding on what you want your jewelry to represent. Selecting the right personalization can be difficult. So here's what we recommend.

Think about the things that are most important to you. Picture the faces of loved ones. Hear the words that leave you feeling inspired andmotivated. Tap into your feelings of happiness. Now of those things, what would you like a daily reminder of? Something that makes you smile? Feel inspired? Loved? At peaces? Consider quotes, names, dates, and/or places.

Once you decide what you'd like your jewelry to symbolized, browse our website for ideas that will help you choose. If you don't find the perfect piece but have an idea - contact us via email [email protected], phone / text 707-726-2753 or chat. We're always happy to create a customized piece for you. 

Each and every design on our website has been inspired by someone just like you. We're excited to design something special and meaningful for you.