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Personalized Jewelry

Our handcrafted jewelry is custom made-to-order

...and can be personalized any way that you wish. Jewelry is so much more meaningful when it is personalized. Each letter is carefully hand stamped onto the sterling silver pendants and lovingly distressed to add texture, creating a vintage look that is unique, elegant and beautiful. Perfect for everyday wear. Every order comes with complimentary gift wrapping.

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  1. Custom Collar Stays


    Attention to details matters. And collar stays keep a man looking sharp by adding weight to keep his shirt collar in place. Most shirts come with thin plastic collar stays that will bend and lose their shape and effectiveness. Stainless-steel collar stays are heavy, stiff, and will ensure that your dress shirt collar will lay correctly and look crisp. Personalize with names, dates, quotes or anything your heart desires to give it an extra special touch, making the custom collar stays meaningful and perfect for gift giving. Great gift for husband, dad, grandpa, groom, best man, or groomsmen. Each letter is carefully and lovingly stamped onto the stainless steel collar stays by hand in the USA. Comes with complimentary gift wrapping.

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  2. Antiqued Brass Butterfly


    This charming personalized necklace has a brass butterfly pendant that is hammered and brushed, creating a beautiful antiqued look. What girl doesn't love butterflies? Personalize the necklace to your heart's desire or leave blank. Simply adorable!

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  3. Copper Bird


    Birds are a symbol of freedom and joy; and this copper bird necklace pendant is a great way to keep those sentiments close to your heart. The copper is hand stamped and then hammered & brushed, creating a beautiful vintage look. Personalize the copper bird necklace pendant with your name, the name of a loved one, or anything else your heart desires. May be left blank.

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  4. Cowgirl


    Giddyup, Cowgirl!

    A fun and delightful necklace for a horse lover or a country girl.

    A copper rectangle has been carefully hand-crafted with love.  It is cut, filed, stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished.  (whew!)

    A beautiful sterling silver horseshoe is highlighted by the copper background. Learn More

  5. Flower Bracelet


    Flower Power! Adorable copper flower charms will jingle as you move. 

    The trio for flowers have been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished. Additional flower(s) may be added.

    PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer carry the type of chain shown in the picture. However, we offer thicker round-link bracelet chains. Please see Distance Bracelet in the Running section or in the A la Carte category. Learn More

  6. Vertical Meaning


    The vertical necklace is charming and unique. One sterling silver and two copper discs have been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished. Choose initials, names, dates, or words that have special meaning to you.

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  7. The One and Only


    A whimsical sterling silver heart and hand-cut copper 'tag' have been hand-stamped, filed, distressed, brushed, and polished.  The 'pearl' bead completes the fun yet elegant look. Personalize it with a name, a date, a place, or special word. Learn More

  8. Sweet Heart


    A sterling silver heart that has been distressed and brushed is topped with a small flower charm.  The copper flower charm has been slightly distress, brushed, and cupped.  The initials add a personal touch to this piece. 

    Simply sweet! Learn More

  9. Keep Calm and Carry On (Circle Necklace)


    This simple phrase is as inspiring today as it was at the beginning of World War II when it was used on propaganda posters created by the British government.

    The copper 'washer' has been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished.  Its accent is the bold crown charm. Learn More

  10. Copper Circle Necklace


    A unique and beautiful necklace. This copper 'washer' piece has been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished. Its accent is a lovely tree charm.  Use the same script or change it... it's up to you.  Keep the Tree Charm... or request another.  It's up to you. Learn More

  11. He Who has Family is Rich

    The inspirational jewelry quotes on this strikingly bold necklace will certainly catch everyone's attention. The hand stamped, hand textured and hand polished copper charm is paired with magnificent Tree Of LIfe charm, perfectly complementing the inspirational quote. Learn More
  12. Key to my Heart


    Custom made necklaces are a symbolic, thoughtful and unique way to give your someone special the key to your heart. The old fashioned copper key is lovingly personalized by hand and then hammered and brushed to create a beautiful vintage look. Add a photo charm the custom made necklace to give it an extra special touch.

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  13. Father's Day Custom Cuff Links


    A one-of-a-kind pair of cuff links that is truly custom made for the special man in your life.

    Sometimes, Dad needs to make a fashion statement. And there’s no better way to spice up a drab suit and tie event than with custom cuff links. Let Dad be in the spotlight for once with these stylish cuff links. 

    Photos, maps, initials, numbers, an image ... it's your choice! Tell us and we'll make it!

    Learn More
  14. Personalized Leather Cuffs


    A perfect gift for a gent or a lady!

    These cuffs are high quality 'Made in the USA' leather. Two sets of snaps accommodate most everyone's wrist. Branding of word(s) is up to you, and of course, you make the color choice:  saddle brown, dark brown, or black.

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  15. Golden Numeral


    Golden Numeral ~ Roman Numeral

    This simple yet elegant gold-filled charm circle has been stamped, distressed, and brushed.

    Personalize it with 1, 2, or 3 letters or numbers.  

    Perfectly simple and elegant. Learn More

  16. Golden Letter


    A perfectly simple and golden piece.

    This gold-filled circle has been stamped, distressed, and brushed.

    A large letter has been stamped on the circle to catch everyone's attention. Learn More

  17. Family Necklace


    A simple and beautiful 1" sterling silver disc has been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished.  A family initial and the children's names have been lovingly stamped.

    Perfect gift for a mother or grandmother. Learn More

  18. Your Word


    Simple. Meaningful. One-of-a-kind.

    A word of your choice comes from a dictionary: photo-copied and made into a charm.  It is paired with a hand-crafted, distressed copper square. 

    A stunning pair! Learn More

  19. Place and Time


    You select the place:  the map charm showcases your choice of location.

    You select the time:  the date is hand-stamped on a sterling silver disc, distressed and polished.

    A perfect combination!  A perfect gift! Learn More

  20. Families are Forever Necklace


    A large beautiful sterling silver disc has been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, cupped, and polished. 

    Personalization is up to you.

    Perfect gift for any occassion!  Learn More

  21. Personalized Breast Cancer Necklace


    This necklace says it all: "FIGHT LIKE A GIRL." A very special, spirited and empowering gift to someone who is battling breast cancer, a survivor... or you can wear to show support. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

    Learn More
  22. Child's Fork, Spoon & Knife Set


    This special set is perfect for the child working on table manners.  It looks just like Mom and Dad's but is perfectly sized for the little hands.  Each piece is made of high-quality stainless steel.  

    Personalize it with the child's name or word(s), and choose an optional tiny design, if you wish. Learn More

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  23. Perfect Pendant


    A stand-out pendant necklace - simple and beautiful! 

    This hand-cut and filed sterling silver piece is stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished.

    It is paired with a hand-made, vintage-inspired bead.

    Perfectly classic!  Learn More

  24. The Silver Maple


    An extra special piece made with pride!

    The Silver Maple necklace is elegantly simple. 

    A shiny sterling silver disc has been hand-stamped, distressed, and polished.  It cradles a beautiful hand-made, vintage-inspired bead. 

    You can change the wording to make it your own! Learn More

  25. Circle of Love


    Simply elegant. Sterling silver 'washer' has been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished.  Personalized it any way you like.

    Choose from our selection of vintage-inspired beads. Learn More

  26. Heart of the Matter


    Simply charming!

    A hand-cut and filed copper rectangle is paired with a sterling silver heart. Both have been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished. This sweet piece is a real head-turner. Learn More

  27. Faithful Monogram


    A simple sterling silver disc has been hand-stamped with a monogram, distressed, brushed, cupped, and polished.  A copper cross has been distressed, brushed, and polished. 

    Perfectly beautiful and meaningful.  Learn More

  28. Circle of Inspiration


    Elegant and beautiful!

    A gleaming sterling silver disc has been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, cupped, and polished.

    Hand-made vintage-inspired bead nestles perfectly within. 

    Personalize it with names and/or special words. Learn More

  29. Eclectic Mix


    A fun and playful necklace!.

    This cluster of sterling silver pieces has been hand-cut and filed to make a unique mix.  Each piece has been stamped, distress, brushed, and polished.  

    Each monogram has been stamped to signify someone special.

    Simple yet eclectic! Learn More

  30. Bead Earrings


    A must-have for every day of the week!

    Choose from our selection of hand-made, vintage-inspired beads.  The bead are fastened to simple sterling silver ear wires.

    These earrings coordinate perfectly with all our necklaces!  Learn More

  31. Live Simply Earrings


    Unique and clever!

    A sterling silver 'rounded' square has been paired with a copper disc.  Each piece has been hand-stamped, distressed, and polished.

    A striking combination!

    Please Note:  We no longer carry copper ear-wires.  This piece will come with sterling silver ear-wires. Learn More

  32. Simple Sterling Silver Earrings


    Simply adorable!

    Two sterling silver discs have been distressed and polished, and fastened to a simple sterling silver ear wire. 

    The go-to earrings for every outfit and every occasion. Learn More

  33. Simple Monogram Earrings


    Simple and personal!

    These playful earrings made of two sterling silver discs have been hand-stamped with a monogram, distressed, slightly cupped, and polished.

    The discs are fastened to sterling silver ear-wires accented with loop, bead and coil. Learn More

  34. Monogram with Meaning


    A simple copper square paired with a sterling silver 'tag' make a nice contrasting 'combo'.  Each piece is carefully hand-cut, hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished. 

    A fun and unique way to keep those special words close to heart.  Learn More

  35. The Classic Monogram


    This piece is simply beautiful! 

    A sterling silver disc has been hand-stamped with a monogram, distressed, brushed, cupped, and polished.  It is then accented with a hand-made, vintage-inspired bead.

    Classic! Learn More

  36. Circle of Faith


    A textured copper cross pendant  is paired with a sterling silver washer that has been personalized and polished by hand. The combination of the two pieces truly make this necklace a unique gift. 

    As an option,  a sterling silver cross may be chosen.

    Learn More
  37. Silver Sentiments


    A simple, sentimental piece that has been stamped with a special date and place.  

    A hand-cut and filed sterling silver 'tag' has been paired with a small sterling silver disc. Both pieces have been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished.

    Make it one-and-only with your own personalization. Learn More

  38. Mixed Meaning


    A simple and charming 'mix' of a copper circle and a sterling silver 'tag'.  Each piece has been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished.

    Monogrammed letters give an extra special meaning to this piece.

     A go-to necklace for any outfit. Learn More

  39. Kindness Counts


    A simple and elegant necklace admired by many.

    This sterling silver 'washer' has been hand-stamped, brushed, and polished. 

    Act of kindness ... priceless! Learn More

  40. Desiderata Necklace


    Desiderata, the amazing collection of prose poems written by Max Ehrmann in 1927 is a real conversation piece. This powerful word paired with a unique hand-cut and filed sterling silver rectangle has been hand-stamped, distressed, brushed, and polished.  

    A striking necklace! Learn More

  41. Personalized Baby Spoon


    The perfect keepsake.  The perfect baby shower gift.  Simple and sweet. 

    Heirloom-quality stainless steel baby spoon is hand-stamped with love. Learn More

  42. Personalized Wedding Gift Set


    Thoughtful and meaning personalized wedding gift set for the bride and groom. So unique and special - they will love it!

    For the bride: a beautiful, handcrafted, sterling silver necklace personalized with her wedding date and her new last name.

    For the groom: a pair of silver-plated, custom cuff links personalized with photos of the happy couple and stainless steel custom collar stays.

    Learn More
  43. Personalized Baby Fork And Spoon Set


    Make your toddler feel extra special with her/his very own flatware that looks just like Mom and Dad's. Cute, cute, cute!

    The heirloom-quality, stainless steel, personalized baby fork and spoon set is handstamped with love.  Personalize it with the child's name, birthday, etc. A perfect gift for baby showers, new parents and birthdays.

    Learn More
  44. Custom Leather & Sterling Silver Cuff


    Express yourself through jewelry. Make bold statement with this bold leather cuff inspiration bracelet.  A unique gift for her or him made in the USA with high quality leather. 

    Your choice of colors:  dark brown (shown), saddle brown, or black.  Choose a personalized sterling silver or copper tag to add to the cuff. 

    Learn More
  45. Initials Necklace


    This beautiful creation was inspired by unconditional love and unwavering devotion. A small copper heart charm is paired with a sterling silver pendant, creating an eye-catching and contrasting effect. Personalize this necklace with your initials, names, dates, places or anything else your heart desires. Both pieces have been lovingly handstamped, textured, and polished.

    Learn More
  46. The Layered Look


    Good things come in layers: 7 layer dip, Jennifer Aniston's layered hair do, cake... and this hand-stamped necklace. Two copper charms and one sterling silver charm are layered so that the contrasting colors give it an eye-catching look.

    Learn More
  47. Faith Hope Love Necklace


    Inspirational necklaces serve as powerful reminders of our values, beliefs, motivations and things that are important to us. The Faith Hope Love necklace keeps these meaningful sentiments close to our hearts.

    Learn More
  48. The Mrs.


    Inspired by the happy newly wed, this customizable necklace lets her proudly display her new family name. Thoughtful, unique and head-turning. Makes a perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary or any special occasion.

    Learn More
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