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Something special for Thompson


07 August 2013

I am wanting a very special piece for my dearest friend, Thompson, who is competing in the Triathlon World Championships on Friday 13 September 10.20am London time.

I haven’t missed one of her events yet, but I can’t make it to London courtesy of my eldest daughter who has chosen the same week to get married. Took her and her fiance six years to make up their minds and you couldn’t have picked it’d be the same week, lol.

Thompson's uniform

"Thompson got her official Australian Team uniform yesterday.  We’re all a bit excited."

I am the slothful one, with a triple shot latte in one hand and a cigarette in the other, shouting at Thompson (the one that does marathons and triathlons and other insane things) "Shift That Arse" as she goes whizzing past on whatever leg of the event it is.  It’s become a bit of a thing.

I find that there is a real lack of elegant, excellent quality, personalised jewellery that appeals to people like my friend (who is a very classy lady, unlike the coffee drinking chain smoker here, lol).

11 August 2013

Golly, can’t fault the customer service from you lot, fast and efficient and friendly. Love it. Sure you’re not Aussies?

Actually, I know you’re not Aussies, because here in Australia, there is a little thing that happens here whenever you are trying to order anything.  Invariably, you get told ‘Oh gee, what a shame, we had five of those yesterday but there’s none left’..   a simple ‘no we’re out of stock’ would be fine but Aussies have a need to share how unlucky you are.

Can't wait to see it!

Thompson in uniform

"Thompson in uniform - happy and so beautiful."

31 August 2013And.... it’s arrived!Gorgeous, thank you. We found the perfect thing to put on it - a little gold Australia. We gave it to her last night – much excitement. Thompson's event is London time 10.20am on Friday 13 September.  I’ll let you know how she goes.Crowe and Thompson

"Go THOMPSON!!! Shift That Arse!"