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Tara's Courage


A month out from what would have been my first marathon, I suffered a bilateral pulmonary embolism that pretty much smashed my race hopes.  Two months later, I was finally released to start training again, so I picked a race that was approximately six months out.  The embolism had damaged over 40% of my right lung and I was told that I would need to "retrain" my entire right lung to compensate for the damaged part.  My doctors warned me that a race that soon might be a little bit of a lofty idea; however, I'm pretty stubborn, so I signed up for the race anyway.  
The doctors were right, I struggled mentally and physically and often wondered if I was in over my head.  Then, two months before my race, I received a package in the mail from The Silver Maple.  Nestled inside was a necklace.  The face of the necklace was stamped with the number 26.2 (mileage of the marathon), along with the race location and date.   My eyes zeroed in on that 26.2 and I was instantly smitten with the need to do this race, there was no quitting now.  I used that piece of jewelry as my motivation over the next couple of months and total bragging rights after the race.  
Three years later, I still wear that necklace.  It's a little tarnished and a little worn looking, but for me, it will always symbolizes a huge personal achievement and the fact that the body can accomplish most anything, if we only believe.   

 taram- necklace