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Tag Archives: Meaningful

  • For my bestie Lee

    This pendant is for my bestie Lee who is turning 50 on the 20/12. She started running about 4 years ago and has not stopped. She is running mad. She spends more money on runners than normal shoes!! She is extremely dedicated and is out there runni...

  • I may be a back of the pack runner...

    I may be a back of the pack runner but I love running. The necklace represents my finish of two marathons. First one I love, second one was painful but I still want to do more.



    Lea @ Marathon #1

  • Katie's Special Gift

    I love the necklace. I have gotten many compliments on it. I wear it several times a week and love that it reminds me of two of the most important people in my life no matter where I am or what I am doing.

    Thank you Angela :)

  • Heart Necklace For Mother's Day

    I was so excited to learn that my childhood friend, whom I admire very much, was starting her own business!  And not only that, but the stuff she was making was so beautiful and precious and unique.  It didn't take me long after learning abou...
  • A gift from the hubby

    I love the necklace my husband got me with our sons initials when the last one was born. It's my go-to piece because it matches everything and I get compliments on it everywhere I go. But my favorite thing about it is that I especially love to wea...