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Heart Necklace For Mother's Day


I was so excited to learn that my childhood friend, whom I admire very much, was starting her own business!  And not only that, but the stuff she was making was so beautiful and precious and unique.  It didn't take me long after learning about The Silver Maple, that I had to order something for myself!  Luckily, it was pretty close to Mother's Day, and I had my eye on this heart necklace.  So, I told my husband what I was getting myself for Mother's Day (which is a sure-fire way to get exactly what I want).  I love my necklace for so many reasons!  It represents the most precious things on this Earth to me (my babies), it represents me as a mother (which I love to be more than anything), and it was made by someone I know personally, whom I genuinely adore and respect.  As a mother and a business owner myself, I have mad respect for all those moms out there who dedicate their lives to their children, and who also find a way to contribute their efforts to make a living for their families by providing a service that brings happiness to others!  My necklace is so much more than a piece of jewelry.  It's a keepsake that I will cherish forever!

ShaunaM - Necklace


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