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My list of favorite things


Just wanted to say that I love my silver maple necklace!  I even included it on my blog on my list of "favorite things" (sorry it's at number 10…there is honestly no particular order).  I included the link to my favorite things post and to my "story condensed" post.  My life has been pretty bumpy and indomitable is truly the word to describe what I have had no choice but to be.  Having that little reminder around my neck is a symbol of the seemingly insurmountable string of traumas I have found a way to journey my way through, but more importantly how I have survived, inspired, and even thrived…running ultra marathons all the way.
Thank you for your talents and creativity…it's an inspiration and a meaningful piece of art that I am proud to wear.
Kathleen K. Hammett

KathleenKarneiH- Necklace