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How awesome strangers can be


This is my fourth half marathon. And my second Austin.


In September 2011 I started working with a group of folks to get in better shape. The leaders were Paul Carrozza and James Russell at a store called RunTex. The purpose of the group was to help folks like me, who wanted to lose 100 lbs or more.


I lost about 70 lbs, but felt great. Still do!  I never run because of my knees. But I've walked lots of miles. Our group didn't survive the bankruptcy of RunTex, but we still get together three times weekly.


This race was very hard for me for some reason. I fell behind the time limit and walked about 5 miles without course support. A few of my friends met me as planned at about the 11 mile mark. One of them walked me to the finish and refused to let me quit. Physically I was fine. But my discouragement was overwhelming me.


I made it to the finish in 4 hours and 58 minutes. Unfortunately, it was past the time limit so the finish for the half was all closed up. I couldn't get into the chute for the full to cross the timing strip.


While I was trying to figure all that out, a total stranger came up to me and offered me a finishers medal for the half. It was hers. She wanted me to have that reminder of my accomplishment. She stayed with me to make sure I got a finishers medal for the full. She wanted to make sure I had something.


I exchanged the medal this week and got my medal for the half I completed. As I said, this was my fourth and last. But it was my hardest mental battle. And I learned how awesome friends can be. And how awesome strangers can be.


Patricia Bancroft Finishers Medal


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