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Honoring Dad


When I was a little four-year old, after dinner on a summer night my family and I would sit outside to enjoy the stars and fireflies. My dad would catch the fireflies in a jar for me to use as a nightlight and poke holes on the lid so they could breathe. I'd watch them fly around until I fell asleep.

In the morning, I'd wake up crying because I thought all the flies had died. Dad would shake the jar to show me that they were all still alive and then we'd let them go. That's my favorite childhood memory of my dad...

The Essence of Childhood and Summer: Fireflies in a Jar


My dad passed away from cancer 4 years ago, but each year I still look for creative ways to celebrate and honor him on Father's day. Here's what I'm doing this year.

1. Telling Dad's stories

Family Life Today says:

If your dad is older, go see him just to listen to his stories. Plan to sit on the porch with a glass of tea and really communicate. These are the stories that you will be able to pass down to your children one day.

I think Dads enjoy telling their stories and reliving their youth. I used to love listening to my dad's life stories and wish I had the chance to hear more of them. It'll be fun to share his stories and keep his memories alive.
Honoring Dad

2. Cooking Dad's favorite food

Shopping a Father's Day gift for Dad was always so hard... but the one that never failed to put a smile on his face was his favorite meal. What a great way to honor dad.
Karen at GeoFooding is honoring her dad this year with homemade Klondike Bars.

I wish I had made these for Dad but undoubtedly, he would have thought I was nuts when you can simply pick up a box in the freezer section of ‘Wally World’ (his term for the Walmart grocery store). But making it gave me so much time for reflection. I cried making them and writing this.

I almost cried while reading her article because it's so similar to what I experienced. I also got a really strong craving for a Klondike bar. I wonder if she has a recipe for a homemade sausage egg McMuffin ;)
Honoring Dad

3. Saving Dad a seat

Shelly from Simply Bridal shared this awesome infographic. I love the "In Loving Memory" idea. I'm leaving a seat in honor of Dad at the dinner table for Father's Day this year.
Honoring Dad
What are you doing to honor your dad this year? I'd love to know.