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For many years my husband and I have supported the India Gospel League, a ministry based in India dedicated to sharing the Gospel and helping the people of India raise above poverty.  God provided the opportunity for my husband, my youngest daughter and me to go to India in January, in the midst of my marathon training.  While I was there, God broke my heart for the children, and we "adopted" (chose to sponsor) a child there-Selvi, an 8 year old girl.


When I came back to the states, I desired to do more for the children of India, but didn't know what to do.

I was registered for the Little Rock Marathon, and on March 2, began a personal goal...a dream, really-to run a marathon, the first while I was 50 years young.  All was going well until mile 17 when loudspeakers began announcing we would be re-routed, part of the course closed because of incoming storms.  My dream was cut short that day, but I decided before I finished I would still run 26.2 miles in my own community...I would accomplish my goal.

While praying for Selvi one night, I felt God was telling me to ask for pledges/mile or donations for the children in India.  He was really taking me out of my comfort zone-I really, really don't like to ask people for money!!

I got up at church the next Sunday (20 days before my run) and asked my church family to help make a dream come true for me-the dream of running a marathon.  I then asked for donations and pledges.   The Children of India Run was born!

Children of India

My church family rallied behind me.  A friend who's run marathons and ultra's measured out a course that started and ended at our church.  Another friend had t-shirts designed and made that had the outline of India with "Jesus loves the little children of the world" stitched inside.  Many people made signs and showed up along the course to cheer for me.  One friend rode his bike with me for about 15 miles.  My ultra friend ran the last half with me, 3 youth ran the last 5 miles, and a crowd met at the last 1/2 mile to "run me in".

The best part however, was how God truly blessed.  My church family gave so generously, coworkers and people in my community gave donations.  As of today, over $3,300 has been raised for the Children of India.  That's the equivalent of 9,500 meals for children; shelter, clothing, education, and medical care for 8 children for an entire year, and at least 200 children will be able to go to Children's Gospel Club (similar to our Sunday School or VBS) for a year!

My necklace is a gift to myself, reminding me of how God used me as well as celebrating my first marathon.

26.2 Inspiration


For more information on the India Gospel League, or to sponsor a child in India, go to iglworld.org